Sango Tatsuba
Vital statistics
Position Jewelpet Girl
Age 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 8"67"
Weight 79.7kg

Sango is one of the three playable characters from the spinoff series Jewelpet Girls no Kyaaan!, along with Garnet (Human) and Peridot (Human). She also got her own game for the Game Boy Advance.

In JewelpetEdit

In Jewelpet Twinkle, she is Miria Mackenzie's partner. In Sunshine, she has a crush on Jasper, and has a huge robot. She is Komachi's Roomate. She is a nurse in Happiness. In Magical Change, she opened a dessert store (called 3+5 Desserts in PML), however, her sweets addiction meant she couldn't sell, as she ate the sweets she made. Afterwards, she reflects on her actions over cake. Later, with the help of her friends, she improved her restaurant. She is dimwitted and easygoing. However, she is capable at getting mad. She has an obsession over sweets, and desserts fly out of her body sometimes when she talks. This means that she can eat to the point of getting overweight.

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