Colosseum Wes 3D
Vital statistics
Position Former Team Snagem Member, Hero of Orre
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 8"67"
Weight 78.7kg

Wes is a main character in Pokémon Masters League. During the Orre Saga, he took Peridot (Human)'s place as a travel partner.

In Pokémon ColosseumEdit

Wes is the hero of Pokémon Colosseum. In the game, he seems to have 2 starter Pokémon, which is unusual for a Pokémon Trainer. They are Umbreon and Espeon. He joins Team Snagem, but then plants a bomb in the Team Snagem HQ, blowing it up, and steals a portable Snag Machine, which he wears on his arm. He goes through Orre, rescuing Rui from kidnappers in Phenac City, snagging and purifying Shadow Pokémon, and attracts Ho-oh and Celebi. After, there are reports of an imposter attacking with a Shadow Togetic. He eventually finds the imposter during the middle of attacking somebody, and he is revealed to be an Ex-Cipher Peon named Fein. He wanted payback for Wes shutting down Team Cipher. After Colosseum, Wes' whereabouts are unknown. He is nice and kind, though he can get mad to the point of actually backstabbing someone that makes him too mad, as seen when he blows up team Snagem, the team of which he was a part. This also makes him a jerk.

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