Peridot Green
2015-07-16 Peridot
Vital statistics
Position Jewelpet Girl
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'45"
Weight 80.0kg

Peridot is the leader of the Strawberry Trio, and one of Pokémon Masters League's protagonists. She is also one of the three playable characters from the spinoff series Jewelpet Girls no Kyaaan!, along with Garnet (Human) and Sango (Human).

She isn't as in-depth as other Main Characters, as she was replaced with Nephrite (Human) in the Johto Saga, Pokémon Trainer Wes in the Orre Saga, Momiji Inubashiri in the Gensokyo Saga, and by Pokémon Trainer Brendan in the Hoenn Saga.

In JewelpetEdit

She is a Gaijin, like her pet counterpart, and is very active and sassy. Because she is a Gaijin, she can speak Japanese. She is a major protagonist in Jewelpet Sunshine. Here, it is shown that she is training in Ice Skating because she is afraid that the legendary ice skater Munata will be better than her. She later gets a fire torpedo, which is used in the fight against Dark Magic. In her Magical Change appearance, which is what Pokémon Masters League's Peridot is based on, She had a job at a sushi factory, serving sushi in baskets. However, she saw starving cats on the way and starved herself. She ate the sushi and went back to Airi's. The human form came when he was getting sick and she told him not to give up. She then made improved sushi and revived the restaurant.

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