Vital statistics
Position Yume Nikki Dreamer
Age 14
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'56"
Weight 79.0kg

In *Illness*Edit

According to her info, she has PTSD. However, she won't reveal what bugs her so much. She Attacks with a pickaxe, and turns into a falcon to gain speed. She is an isolationist, and doesn't like the company of people she feels aren't worth her time or that she feels she cannot trust. She also has bad experiences with Alex, though neither explains as to why this is. Otherwise, if you manage to crack her shell, she is a happy-go-lucky "Genki Girl". She also is prone to guilt trips, and lets her mind do stuff she wouldn't otherwise do. Her friends are Isokishi, Nemu, Utsutsuki, Shimitsuki and Harutsuki.

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