Isokishi Teneguma
14793769 m
Vital statistics
Position Yume Nikki Dreamer
Age 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'39"
Weight 78.0kg

In Madoro-MuEdit

In Madoro-Mu, she is caring, and doesn't mean to kill anybody. She seems to be in a coma, as she doesn't have to go to sleep to reach the nexus. Instead, the bed is used to save her progress. Her nexus is 3 windows, one of which is nailed up until later. To get back to her room, she nods off to sleep. She uses a sickle to attack, and she shows off slight socialist traits. To walk faster, she becomes a bunny (Which is how Sometsuki got to be friends with Isokishi in the first place). Besides Sometsuki, her other "Friends in Dreaming" are Origamitsuki, Shimitsuki, Utsutsuki, Harutsuki, and Nemu.

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