Garnet Pink
Vital statistics
Position Jewelpet Girl
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'67"
Weight 82.0kg

Garnet is a protagonist in Pokémon Masters League. She is also one of the three playable characters from the spinoff series Jewelpet Girls no Kyaaan!, along with Sango (Human) and Peridot (Human).

In JewelpetEdit

She is prideful and hard-working. She likes to boast about her beauty. Unlike Peridot (Human), who is a tomboy, Garnet is girly: Sassy, Tough, Likes the color pink and cute stuff, and hates really bad men (Not just evil people like Giovanni, but just about any man she considers ugly or sloppy). In Jewelpet: Fashion Divas!, she is also rich, and, unlike Pokémon Trainer Red, she has a father.

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